Plagiarism Detection and Prevention


Using another person’s work as your own is plagiarism.  Coping and pasting information into an assignment without citing the work properly is a problem in both face-to-face and online classes.  As an instructor requiring students to sign a statement that the work being submitted is the work of the student and does not contain any information from other sources in his or her work without citing the information is one way to reduce the opportunity of plagiarism.  In addition, another way to reduce the opportunity of plagiarism is to inform students that any work submitted by the student cannot have a similarity index of more than 10%.  One additional way to reduce cheating and plagiarism from online students is to require the student to submit a copy of a report that shows where or not the worker by the student is plagiarized.  There is software and online services that can be used by both students and instructors to detect any plagiarism.  These programs are designed to detect any plagiarism that maybe in the student’s written work.  By requiring students to use these programs will decrease and prevent academic dishonesty.  Two such software available to detect plagiarism is Plagtracker and Academic Plagiarism Checker.  Plagtracker is an online software that is free for basic service or purchase its premium service for $7.49 a month.  This service is designed to found information in a student’s paper and inform the student this information was used in other papers or on the Internet.  More information about Plagtracker can be form at Academic Plagiarism Checker is software that can be purchased to prevent plagiarism and academic cheating.  More information about Academic Plagiarism Checker can be found at